Monday, August 4, 2014

My Excellent Italian Adventure - day one

I have whisked myself away to another location for a week and want to let you share in a view of my experiences.

The village of Treiso in the Piemonte area of NW Italy is my location and I am with a small group of artists who have come on a one week painting workshop. We are located on a small vineyard and the scenery is just glorious.
 Will I need to add words? This is the view I see out my bedroom window.
 For day one we had a painting demo by the leader of the workshop, my friend Jill Banks.
 We watched while she painted and talked. But as by this time I had been awake about 30 hours I did need to keep standing up and wandering about to stop myself from nodding off.

Oh, perhaps I should add at this point, I am not here to paint, no, I am going to relax, watch, listen, eat and take photos.
 The table was being set for our first dinner al fresco.
 The grapes are beginning to ripen. And that rosebush? I had always thought the color of the rosebush at the end of the row of vines was to show what type of grape. Yellow grapes for yellow wine? No, yellow is the favorite rose color of Mary Beth, co-owner of the vineyard and a rose bush is planted to alert the farmer to the presence of bugs that might harm the grapevine - they hit the rosebush first so the farmer notices and treats the problem before they start on the vines.
This morning I woke to the sound of tractors working in a neighboring vineyard and opened my window to this glorious sunrise.

Now, off to day two.


  1. Glad to read you arrived seemingly without incident and see how you will share some of your gloriously beautiful scenery - including tablescapes! But I think I would have allowed myself a nap after 30 hours... was it a bus ride to the vineyards from your arrival point? Do you know many of your fellow travelers (besides Jill)?

  2. Wow it looks spectacular Dorry. I'm so glad you went. By the looks of the scenery though you might wish you were staying for a month


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