Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Day Seven farewell dinner of my Excellent Italian Adventure

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. And so must my very Excellent Italian Adventure. But not without a wrapup special dinner on the front terrace of Profumo di Vino.
Before we left the farmhouse to head into town for our dinner I couldn't resist photographing the view again.

 We were greeted on the front terrace by restauranter Memo who handed us a glass of white wine.
 The advance party had already seated themselves but soon got up again when they realized what was coming out to the hors d'oeuvre table.
I'd like to be able to name all this for you - I did sample practically everything on the table - but alas, I was more focused on eating than writing.  In the foreground is deep fried semolina dulche (might be mixing my languages here - oops) which was amazing. In the morning at the market I had noticed that a lot of the zucchini came with the flower still attached and that formed the focus ingredient of the dish to the upper left of the semolina dulche; the zucchini flower was gently enveloped in a dough and then quickly deep fried for a wonderful couple of bites of bliss. There were also tiny pastry rolls, baguette sandwiches of prosciutto, pizza bites, two bite burgers and then at the end they carried out the spectacularly simple fried sage leaves.

With experience we knew we had better not totally fill up on all that deliciousness because more was to come.

 Our first plated course was vitello tonatto -  we had been able to have this at least a couple of times earlier in the week but it is so good that it was no problem at all to clean the plate. Notice how the plates are decorated with tiny sprigs of assorted herbs. This delicious menu item is thin sliced veal stuffed with a sauce of mayonnaise, tuna and anchovies as the main ingredients.
 The pasta course was, I  believe, agnolotti al plin. Earlier in the week we had watched a demonstration of how this is made; tiny bite sized portions of fresh made pasta wrapped around a meat paste (rabbit,veal and ?? - they called it a secret recipe although they had said which three meats were combined). Again a herb garnish, this time a sage leaf.
 And we finished with dessert; a semi freddo version of tiramisu.

All so very delicious! But with an early pickup next morning we were keen to get an early night.
 This had been the view I was greeted with each morning.

 And this was my first breakfast back home. Not quite the same. But the memories from My Excellent Italian Adventure will be with me for a very long time. It was a very special experience and exactly "what the doctor ordered" to cheer me.

I have only given you a small portion of my photographs but keep checking because I'm sure I am not done yet with images from my seven sensational days in Italy.

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  1. A very excellent adventure it was - seems like you were pampered in the most elegantly simple ways. Looking forward to any additional installments on any of the themes you touched so far!


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