Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Between the Rainstorms

Here in the mid Atlantic area we had huge, drenching rainstorms last Friday evening and Saturday. With another one predicted for Thursday into Friday this week it has been wonderful to see the sun for a few days.

 The Potomac River crested about a foot over flood stage at the Great Falls by early afternoon on Monday. For those who are not used to seeing the Falls you might not understand why this looks like a flood.
 I try to take photos from the same points each time and in that way it is easier to compare shots and water levels. Ordinarily that small amount of rock on the right is the peak of a quite high outcrop of rocks in the river and creates the condition for why it is called the Great Falls.

 This is walking up to outlook number 1. On Monday it felt as though the river was about to wash over the barrier and come right in. This is the highest I have seen it although long term residents who visit often will likely have seen it higher than this.
 Here we are looking across to the Maryland side. It was clear that some portions of the walking tracks and towpaths must have been flooded on that side as no people were seen in the usual viewing platforms.
 I liked the way the sun was lighting up these dried grasses.
 This view of the Potowmack Canal could have been almost a monochromatic shot if not for the two boys playing on the left. Daylight was beginning to draw in and the blue sky had faded considerably.
 Being at flood stage the canal was overflowing and finding the river.
Leaving the canal path and heading back to the car we noticed this deer grazing and stood for a few minutes watching it and waiting for it to pose. Oddly, it was alone and did not seem to notice our presence at all. Usually they do notice you and will stand and stare right at you but not this one.
 Changing locations, long time readers of my blog may remember the orange birdhouse that often appears in shots of my back yard. The big bad wolf must have been by recently and huffed and puffed and blew that house down.
 This morning we had a visit from Jack Frost and it was 22 F (about minus 5.5C) at around 8am. As the sun came up it highlighted the frost on the garden plants.
 The nandina bush had been brushed with frost.
 With no rain overnight it makes you wonder where all the moisture came from that created this amazing display on the nandina leaves.
Finally, to close out, I bring you the moon, four nights after the most recent full moon. I was driving home from an evening event on November 26 and was fascinated by the shape of the moon. I do not really have a sophisticated enough lens on my camera to be photographing the moon but I was pretty happy with this shot.