Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Triple S day

So, here we are, another Saturday and another snow day. How is this being arranged? It seems to me that whenever we are having a "snow event" this season it is happening on a Saturday.

So that accounts for two. But my title mentions a triple S day - allow me to explain;

It was into this mailbox, pictured above, that the third s of the day happened. And that was two envelopes bearing the happy news that two quilts I had entered into a juried quilt show had been accepted for exhibition and judging. The quilts are joint efforts; one is the lily blocks made from the last international round robin, set into a top by me and quilted by Cheryl, and the second is made by me for the previous year's President's Challenge in my guild and again, quilted by Cheryl. I was really excited by this news as this is the first time I have entered a juried show.

And yes, we had another snow event today. As late as yesterday the forecasters were downplaying it and suggesting that we might get 2" to 4". The reality is that Casey and I went out to shovel the driveway and walkways around 4:30pm. At that time I measured 6" and the snow was still falling. Before our shovelling I had looked out the window and seen that the cedar tree was alive with robins. Here are just a few of them out and about despite the temperature of about 17 F at that time (about minus 9 C for those who think in metric). Snow is still falling.