Wednesday, December 24, 2008

With a little help from my Geoffrey

No action onsite today altho the contractor's wife did stop by with a gift for "us" - a gift certificate to the Jinny Beyer store. I guess they know who they need to keep sweet with!

But with no new photos for you to see Geoff thought you might like this short video. With a number of you being cat lovers perhaps you will get a kick out of this.
Make sure to have your volume turned on :O

Monday, December 22, 2008

True Confessions

It's only because I have already gone beyond a certain age, plus the encouragement of my muscle man, that I am even going to publish the next photos.

But you have to know why I get so little sewing done lately.

The completion of the building project will mean that the new elevator opens directly into the room on the second floor (for non-American readers, the first floor) which I have up until now called my sewing room. I could not see how this would be a happy solution so the decision was made to relocate my sewing room.

I'm going to be brave (or stupid) and show you the before photos: the view of my old sewing room as of December 20, and the empty room that will become my new sewing room.

Now by publishing this I am held to account and absolutely must follow through and clean up my act or be held to ridicule. This might also mean that I can begin sewing again.

And here's the "virgin" room (Ha! ha!)

What ho?!

We have a new follower - the devious World Wanderer.


Today the high temperature was not much above freezing. When I went out late morning the temperature was 27 degrees F but with the windchill factored in (since it was a very windy day) they reckoned the temperature was 4 degrees F. For all those in warmer climes, I'm sorry that I am not translating into degrees C but remember that 32 degrees F is freezing.

So there was no work done outside today. However, Pat, the handyman, did show up to install a temporary wall in Casey's "living" room - this is so when they take out the brick and the french doors the resulting dust and debris does not make the space uninhabitable.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Is this progress?

And on the fourth day they laid block.
And on the fifth it rained all day and no-one showed up to work at all.

we break ground

For those who read my Christmas letter...we did get the "sign off" from the Historic District committee at their meeting on Thursday December 11 and did get the building permits issued on Friday December 12. Bright and early on Monday, December 15 workers showed up at 7:20am to begin digging the footings although it did not occur to me to record this moment with my camera.

But on Tuesday this is what we could see:

Here's where we begin

This photo was taken in August 2008. Let's call it the "before shot". If you keep reading my blog eventually we will all see the "after shot".

Getting started

Dear Friends,

Perhaps you might like to read this page now and then to see how we are doing with our major construction project. I might also use it to post photos of interest...or even to speak my mind.


You can choose to read it or not. Feedback is always welcomed.

cheers, Dorry