Friday, August 8, 2014

Day five in the afternoon of my Excellent Italian Adventure

So I really do need to choose fewer photos. But onwards to Thursday afternoon.
 For lunch we were treated to a light meal of local Piemonte specialty meats: beef, veal, prosciutto, anchovy and an eggplant molded custard.
 We were at the winery of the Rocche Costamagna, a long time producer since 1841. With a light lunch we had a tasting of the Langhe Arneis and the Ose Langhe Rosato. Don't worry, I did not drink my way through both bottles!
 Following lunch we were addressed by Claudia Ferraresi, a passionate artist who paints interpretive landscapes. The winery and vineyard have belonged to her family since the 1800s and she had many fascinating stories to tell both about her art and her family. Down in the cellars Claudia's son Alessandro Locatelli, the head of the company gave us a short tour and talk about the wine production from the Barola and Barbera grapes.
 Stepping outside into the bright sunshine once more we could take in the wide panoramas.
 I took a quick walk around the outer side of the fortified town walls.
 They do love their flowers here. Watering the many pots must take a while but the end result shows a passion for beauty.
 As I mentioned earlier, cats are a very popular pet. These are three of the larger cat family that live at the B & B where some of the artists are staying.
We ended the day with this view of a dog, chasing all those cats maybe, in the evening sky.

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  1. So after a few days working with it en plein air so to speak, do you think the relatively new camera contributes to the excellence of your photos, or is it just the scenery is so special, it doesn't make much difference what the device is (though clearly, either this or your former camera are better than phone cameras)?


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