Saturday, February 17, 2018

Oh February...

This has been, as they say, an interesting week. February starts off with Groundhog Day and a few days later is Waitangi Day (for those of us with a New Zealand heritage). Then comes the big week we just had:
 Lincoln's Birthday on Monday, Mardi Gras on Tuesday (good golly I forgot to make pancakes!), Valentines Day plus Ash Wednesday made Wednesday a real puzzle. I ended up wearing my heart earrings and pendant set against an all black outfit. And the Chinese New Year - Year of the Dog slipped right by me without a nod.
 Throw in some bizarre temperature swings which saw a record breaking  high of 76F/24C on Thursday sending loud messages to the daffodil bulbs and the
 maple trees which started showing leafbud color only to face 32F/0C and snow and sleet today.
 The birdies were happy that the suet feeder had been replaced. Earlier in the week I looked out and the feeder, chained around a branch on the maple tree,  had disappeared. "They" say a racoon must have gotten it down.I say that must be a pretty darn adept racoon to have gotten the chain off the tree. Fortunately we found the feeder on the ground only ten yards or so away. The suet cake was gone but the feeder was unharmed.
 On Thursday I was meant to be hanging a new art exhibit for my art group. Alas, the venue, a senior living facility, had to go into quarantine because of the severity of the flu outbreak locally and we could not hang art. Phew, I do have time to finish my piece. Sitting at the front window to do the hand stitching while watching the snow fall today made for calming moments.
 I was exchanging messages during the afternoon with my niece in New Zealand. She asked me to take pretty pictures of the snow. Does this qualify? It reminds me of an oil painting someone in the art group currently has on display at the above mentioned venue.
 I went out on the front porch looking for a pretty picture to take when this small family herd of deer happened along. Do you see the eight legged two headed deer in the center? (wink, wink)
 My favorite tree in April is this dogwood in the back yard. The buds were beginning to look promising earlier in the week and I do so hope that this quick burst of winter has not upset them too much.
All in all it was a day for comfort food for dinner. A beef stew in the crockpot, roast veges in the oven, a little fruit salad and a pinot noir from the Awatere Valley seemed like a good idea.

This one is for you Jen!

p.s. all photos are in full living color despite the fact that it looks like it was a black and white sort of day.