Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Suppose you prepared a party...

 Outside it was a mess after the storm had blown through so the driveway had to be swept clean...

 the dog was charged with looking out for the early arrivals...
 a host of ghosts settled down ready to flee one by one at the sound of the doorbell...
 the candy basket was filled with the candy you like along with the decorated pencils that are popular...
it got plenty dark out there...
this fellow kept a sense of humor about it all...

BUT no-one came!

I guess we didn't get the memo that said Halloween was cancelled this year.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Before-the-storm fall colors

No matter which weather forecast you listen to we are in for a humdinger of a storm here on Monday and Tuesday. So I decided I should post some photos I have taken this week to remind me of what it look like before the storm.

It seems I have been raking leaves all week long. On Wednesday I raked the same areas three times. That does sound ridiculous but there is new grass there and I want to keep the leaves off it as much as possible.

 On Wednesday (the multi raking day) this is what the trees look like. Note that maple on the right as the tips were just beginning to yellow and it was looking quite spectacular.

 See why I was raking so often?

 Here is that same maple tree only two days later - and the overnight temperatures were in the 50's (10 C for those accustomed to Celsius) so nowhere near frost. That thin strip of grass behind the tree is one of the areas I have been trying hard to keep clear of leaves to give the newly seeded grass a good chance to grow.

 Leaves from the maple and the tulip poplar are overwhelming the New England asters.

 Look quickly, that strip of grass behind the birdbath is relatively leaf free.

 The fall season does encourage the photographer gene!

 Not quite in focus but the color is there. Haven't we been working hard?

 It has been quite a week - I had to clear off the front porch so the painter could get to the trim around the front door. That meant hauling all the flower pots off and there were double the usual number as I had refugees from the driveway still there from when the driveway seal was redone a few weeks back.

Now in preparation for the storm I have tucked the flower pots back into the protection of the front porch. Excuse the quilt block posing in front and focus instead on the flower still bravely blooming on the hibiscus plant.

It has been quite a week for this homeowner - not only was there the painter but I had to have the furnace and air conditioner replaced so it has been all go around here. I have lost track of how many hours I've spent raking leaves.

And now a storm to deal with. Oh well, at least it will keep me home and workman free!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Perfect weather for a day out

Today was a glorious early Fall day with a blue sky and trees that are just beginning to change color. The October calendar is loaded with events every weekend that offer a way to enjoy a day out.

Every year the town of Waterford holds it's homes tour and crafts exhibit over the first weekend in October and I decided to visit this year which is the 69th annual event. The entire town is a National Historic Landmark District and the townspeople are very proud of that and come together for this three day event. The streets within the historic village are closed to traffic, selected homes which have been beautifully restored are open for touring and many very fine craftspeople come and set up their booths in a tent or inside one of the Waterford buildings. There is food, music and demonstrations along with events relating to he Civil War era.

I missed seeing the music group that plays in this area. Many of the homes were built in the late 1700's and into the 1800's. The most common roofing style is the raised seam metal roof.

 This home is known as the Pink House. It is in use as a B & B today and was one of the homes open for the tour that I was fortunate to see inside of. Many homes were built of Waterford brick which proved to be quite soft. This house, painted pink over the brick, has become a known landmark; "just opposite the Pink House" or "four doors up from the Pink House".

 The town was originally a Quaker town and also was home to many African-Americans. One thing that I noticed today that seemed to mar the view was the proliferation of political campaign signs. This home, the Marshall Claggett house, was originally on a farm north of Waterford. In 1870 it was dismantled by African-American Marshall Claggett and moved to this lot. The Claggett family raised nine children here and it remained in black ownership until the late 20th century. It will be open for viewing on Saturday and Sunday.

 Tents for the crafters are located in several locations in the town - this one is the Bond Street Barn exhibit area. Here is a vendor tent where the craftsman was making walking sticks from chestnut fence rails. The craftspeople are in period costume and very happy to demonstrate their craft. There is a rigorous application and jurying process to ensure that the craftspeople are producing high quality products.

 Another picturesque cottage on Main Street.

 Here we saw the blacksmith's assistant heating the iron.

 The village area is built on quite steep lots and for many houses the main living areas are a floor above street level. It was quite common for there to be no interior staircase linking the floors - in some instances this was perhaps because the building housed a business at the street level with living accommodations above.

 A number of the homes have clearly been added on to over the years. There seemed to be no compunction to use the same material for the addition and thus many homes appear like this - part brick and part stone.

 All the homeowners make an effort to decorate the exterior of their property. In this case there were pops of color from the seasonal chrysanthemums but also the two bright blue chairs on the rear side porch.

Before I left home I thought about taking my sun hat but that was all I did - think about it. This lady was smarter than I was. Note the two front doors on this house.

You could easily fill the entire day here and perhaps more. I was only able to visit for four hours today and wished I could have been there longer. You can find out more by going to