Thursday, October 30, 2014

Colored by Fall

Posts seemed to have dried up in the past weeks; I have been taking photographs but somehow the time to turn them into a blog post has not happened. But there is such an abundance of color happening in my environs right now that I can't resist the chance to document it.

 A couple of weeks ago I looked out at the large black walnut tree in the yard and remarked on how many walnuts I could see on the tree.
 Within a week most all of them seemed to fall off the tree and litter the ground.  The squirrels regard them as a prize and relocate them all over the yard.
 It has long been a mystery as to why we cannot break through the hard outer casing but the squirrels seem to have no such problem. They enjoy carrying them to a clean place (like this brick wall which I recently had power washed) to sit and crack open and eat. You'll note they do not then clean up after the party. And that the end of season tomatoes hold no attraction for them when they have an "all you can eat" buffet of walnuts.
 Out front the coneflowers have turned into bird feed but the self seeded butterfly bush is still trying to attract butterflies. Sadly, I saw very few butterflies in my garden this season.
 The chrysanthemum, a well known fall bloomer, is in full glory while slightly to the left we see the bud for another coneflower which is very late in the season to be making an appearance.
 The real star attraction this week is the crepe myrtle tree. It seems to have a different color each day.
 Sometimes the color seems to  change depending on the direction you are looking at the tree.
 Last week it had been raining just before I arrived home and I was entranced by the raindrops clinging to the underside of the deck railing. This made a pretty vignette I thought with the fall pumpkin to the left and the summer flowers to the right.
 The very tall tree in the upper left is the black walnut which by now has dropped most all the leaves and walnuts too.
 The top left burgundy colored foliage is the dogwood tree that is such a pretty picture in the spring. You can see the dog checking to see who has been trailing through his garden since last time he was out there.
 So, okay, I took more than one or two of those raindrop photographs. But I liked the combination of the delicate raindrops with the strong linea brown of the deck railing.
 The blue flowers in the background are New England Asters which are not quite as good looking as they have been in other years. The crepe myrtle however is more than making up for that.
 To finish, one more photograph of the magnificent colors from that one crepe myrtle tree that has white blooms in the summertime.