Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Seen in December

Goodness, there were only good intentions for posts in both November and  December. Oh dear.

 Some cookie baking was done in December. This recipe came from Parade magazine. I'm not sure it will be a keeper.
 Maraschino cherries had to be wrapped inside the chocolate dough and then rolled in sugar.
 Once baked the glaze was meant to be poured on - but this does not look like a glaze and it certainly was not of pourable consistency. But we ate them.
Here's the supervisor earning his keep as the pastry is prepared for rolling out ready to make Salmon en Croute for our Christmas Eve dinner.
 Which turned out to be a tasty meal.
 The next day gifts were opened. The supervisor was again hard at work but once the novelty wore off and he figured out he had to play along and wear his gift of a sweater for a while he retired to his bed.
 Snow bookended Christmas Day. We caught a very light dusting on the 24th. If you look carefully you might see a bunch of colored flags at various points in the garden. A continuing problem this year has been the moles digging and digging all over the place - the flags mark where the exterminator has placed bait.
 On the 26th we had a heavier dusting of snow but it still was not sufficient to even make a snowball.
 We have seen a lot of this bird, a redtailed hawk, in the backyard in December. I'm wondering if it is looking for the moles also.
Although the hawk does perch and pose I can't really get close enough to get a good clear photo of it.

Let's see what happens in January.