Thursday, August 7, 2014

Day Four of my Excellent Italian Adventure

It becomes harder each day to try and narrow down the photograph selection and I have been wondering about making posts about specific topics.  But while I'm wondering let me see what I can find to tell you about day four.
 Here is the "streetside" view of the farmhouse where we are located.
 Breakfast starts the day. On this day there was a new pastry to try - it is on the right but we can't think of the name of it.
 We went back into Treiso for another day of painting. This time the sun was not so bright and I was able to photograph the Town Hall which also looks on to the town "square". This was a popular location for the artists to set up their easels.
 The people around here sure do love their flowers. Those blooms on the right are enormous and eyecatching as you drive by. And I'll remember the name of them soon surely!
 Even the roadsides are very pretty with wildflowers/weeds. These (in the foreground) look just like sweetpeas.
 The price of agricultural land is very high (around $1M I am told) so every piece must be planted in a crop that can be sold and around here that is grapevines. But they still take a little space to plant some flowers like this short row of gladiolus in front of the vines.
 More pretty weeds. I walked along this road for ninety minutes or so and was constantly exclaiming to myself about the flowering weeds - or shall we call them wildflowers?
The topography is not one I have seen before and there are many of these conical hills. On top of this one is a very highly regarded winery.
 Another spot that was popular with the artists was this Osteria. Wouldn't it be a pretty spot to sit and linger over a cool drink?
We had lunch at Profumo di Vino. The first course was an amazing fresh tuna and eggplant cake and we were all so entranced by the beautiful presentation of it that I forgot to photograph it but here is the tagliatelle with ragu sauce main course. Dessert was a very refreshing quartet of different flavored iced lollipops; our favorite was the first one which was sage and lemon. After lunch we were treated to a demonstration of how they make the pasta.
And as usual, the day finished with this glorious view back at the vineyard.

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  1. If you hadn't mentioned the tuna and eggplant cake you forgot to photograph, this report would have earned you an A+. As it is, you have to be dinged and you can't have the extra credit, even though the photos are lovely. Do any of the natives speak to you and your camera as you wander about?


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