Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring is in the air and in the garden

Yesterday afternoon we went for a walk along the riverside to enjoy the sight of the Virginia Bluebells which are in peak bloom right now. I posted photos from this same location in 2010 but I notice the peak bloom that year was April 10 so once again we see that spring is early this year.

The blooms are so dainty and the color is exquisite.

Here we can see more wildflowers. I'd have to check what these are.

It's awash in bluebells on both sides of the trail.

Back in my own garden the bluebells planted last year are only just poking their heads above the soil. I do so hope they are going to bloom. It might distract the eye from the pitiful grass!

This photo of the cherry blossoms on my front lawn was taken at peak of their bloom on March 22. But with the hot weather we had last week they did not last very long and already most of the blooms are gone and the leaves are spouting out quickly.

Out back I continue to set out the welcome sign for the birds. The bird baths are being filled and new birdhouses have been installed. Last week a pair of chickadees were quite busy going in and out of this house.

More blue in the spring garden with the periwinkle but there is no missing the spots of yellow provided by the dandelions. The robins are just happy to have the birdbath available again.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Spring Equinox

The morning sun highlights my garden on this day of the Spring Equinox. That forsythia in the pot at front right demonstrates how mild the winter has been - the poor thing has been sitting there patiently waiting to be planted out since I bought it eleven months ago. I always have a few plants that captivate me at the nursery or spring plant fundraisers but when I get them home I can't immediately find where to plant them. Since this one has shown it is a survivor I had better find it a more permanent location.

The view from my driveway on a misty start to the day.

I liked the patterns the spring sunlight coming through the trees was making.

The green man finally made it out of the garage. This was a catalog purchase years and years ago but somehow it had never been installed. When this cedar tree had to be cut down because of winter damage last year I had them leave a good length of the trunk figuring I could still use it as a venue for morning glory vines. Without the vines it was looking fairly silly so I hung the green man.
The cherry trees in our street are out in peak bloom for this day. The blue periwinkle and the daffodils add to the spring vignette.

I just can't help continuing to record the beauty of the pansies this year as they are the most gorgeous I have had.

Did you enjoy sharing the views of this wonderful day that nature has provided for the spring equinox in my garden year?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

This one's for you Jill.

Aah, March 1 - is it the beginning of Spring? Certainly, with the sunny sky and temperature heading for 70 degrees F it seemed as though it was as I headed out for an afternoon in the garden to deal with a heavy crop of weeds.

My artist friend Jill had bemoaned the lack of opportunity to paint en plein aire earlier in the week so I thought I'd have a little fun and set up some scenes or still lifes for her to consider next time she is looking for a subject.

I thought I would title the above scene "waiting for spring". The wind pruned twigs and branches have been piled up waiting to be carried away. The daffodils have sprouted and are setting buds. The bird bath has been set right side up again waiting to be filled with clear water. The bluebird house has been cleaned out and is again full of hope that this will finally be the year the bluebird finds this prime location and moves in.

Could this one be "end of day"? The sun is getting low in the sky and making good shadows. It is time to head inside and think about making dinner.

Earlier I had thought I might set up a still life. Alas, it is clear I am not the art teacher as there is way too much going on in this scene. But just in case, "the purple pose".

But the gardener wants to make a statement about how lush and vibrant the pansies are for the time of year. "A spot of yellow".

"Say cheese everyone" and squint into the bright afternoon sun.

And take a pause and "reflect" on the day.

Speaking of reflections...a cardinal has been stopping by to protest the intrusion of a look alike bird that sits right there at the base of the front door. But alas, neither of them will hang around to have their photograph taken.

So, are any of these scenes worthy of the paint brush, oils and canvas Jill?