Thursday, March 21, 2019

Try Harder Please Spring

 So, yeah, today is the second day of spring, or so they say. This time last year I also put up a blog post. If you go back and look I also opened it with a photo of one of the front yard cherry trees. For this year you can see it is pouring rain. Go check what was happening last year...
 On this rainy day today a couple of deer were out enjoying the first succulence of spring foliage.
 The ornamental plum tree out front finally burst into bloom on March 17, a sunny day.
 And the maple trees are budding and getting ready to release their greenery for the season.
 But, oh, the rain today. Puddles galore as you can see.
 My garden must be a cold one. Other gardens around have had daffodils for almost a week now. I have waited and watched and was looking forward to these ones coming out - the only ones showing any promise of bloom. They chose today to open up when it was too wet for me to go outside and get a closer look.
 The hellebores, often out as early as December, are finally opening up.
 The moon is on my mind lately as our art group will be having an exhibit in June themed around the moon  to celebrate the 50th anniversary in July of the Apollo 11 flight and astronaut Neil Armstrong taking the first steps by a man on the moon surface. However, taking good looking photos of the moon is not so easy. Here is the full worm moon which this year coincided with the spring equinox. I think my piece of art might be created with fabric.
 Looking forward,  leaves in the bluebell patch in my garden have poked their way above the soil. I eagerly await the blooms to come.
To close out this rainy day a good cup of tea hit the spot.