Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day is done, gone the sun and the summer as well.

Today we had one of those bonus days you sometimes get in the Fall with a lovely azure backdrop and temperatures rising at least to the 70s. It was an opportunity to get outside and soak up the vitamin D while doing more cleanup to prepare for the winter months. The colors have been spectacular this year and it is hard to pull out those annuals while we still get days like today. As you can see, the petunias put on their pleading faces and they got a stay of execution.

As I was dragging my weary body upstairs to change out of my dirty gardening clothes I glanced out the window and saw the sunset was just as pretty as the day. My photo does not do justice to the sky but I liked the way the jet trails were all lit with pink.

Lastly, I know a picture is better than a thousand words, but I am not bold enough to take a photo of a playful dog and his owner who live just up the street (I'll try to keep the description under the thousand words however). This spunky dog is perhaps a couple of years old and several times lately as we pass by walking our dog we see the dog and his owner out on the front lawn playing soccer together. Nothing unusual you might be thinking. But the dog is a tiny scrap of a thing, a Yorkie, and the ball is bigger than he is. The man gently kicks the ball and the Yorkie darts around barking with delight. It is a sight to behold.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Look up, look up!

Driving home one day at the end of October I glanced at the sky and noticed how dramatic the golden yellow maple tree looked. I dashed inside and grabbed my camera to capture the moment in the minutes before a drenching rain.
Surprisingly, I got my photo shot and the clouds moved on with narry a drop of rain.
And here, among some trees I had been observing the changes in each day, the fallen leaves reveal a penthouse apartment for a squirrel. When the leaves are on the trees and the wind blows, that tree really sways. And now the leaves are off? I hope that squirrel has laid in a supply of Dramamine (motion sickness remedy) along with the acorns and walnuts for the winter months.

A visit from the painter

Way back in April I sought input about what to do about the newly built screen around the ac units.
This week, the deed is done. The screen now matches the newly refinished deck. Once the spring and summer come back and flowers begin to appear in front of the screen it will soften even further. But for now, well, Jack Frost junior has already visited and the plants are looking scraggly. Basil is still trying to hang in there but his days are numbered as Jack Frost himself is due any day now.