Friday, July 4, 2014

A Hometown July Fourth

Our small town has a July 4th parade which had just finished by the time we got to the village this morning.  However, there was still good opportunity for people watching and photo taking.

 This dog was glad of a rest in a shady spot.
No prizes for guessing what today's color scheme was.
 There was a team of line dancers in action. Looks like they might have also been having a best decorated hat competition on the side.
 Two little dogs well trained to stay in their wagon.
Before the main parade there is the children's parade which features a best decorated bicycle component. This Thomas the Tank engine version looks like fun.
 This bike owner confined their decoration to the front basket.
 Now here was a car that attracted a lot of attention from the passers by. And well parked near a vintage pickup truck with a great slogan.
Are you surprised to see that this is a BMW?
 Once we got home I tried a setup in my garden. Earlier in the season I had intended a front porch display for today featuring my red hibiscus but sadly, no red blooms open on either plant today so I had to improvise for this day when bells ring out for freedom.
And one last photo - nothing to do with July 4th but something I saw a day or two ago on the across the road neighbor's front lawn. First I caught sight of the two baby deer and had to quietly dash back inside and get my camera and hope they were still there. I took a photo or two and the fawns dashed off stage right. Oh no, I missed them. But then Mama deer enters from stage right and soon her babies followed (note second fawn head just emerging from behind the bush). She clearly knows I am watching because she is staring straight at me. All to soon the show is over and she has decided to take her babies and run away - thankfully onto someone else's backyard and not mine.  But I am under no illusion that they will not return to graze frequently in my garden.

It was a great weather day with a good breeze and temperatures in the high 70's. That is good because an hour or so ago I discovered the entire air conditioning unit and furnace  has shut down. Do these things have to happen on the first day of a three day weekend? Oh well.