Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Day Three of my Excellent Italian Adventure

This day was spent in the picturesque hill town of Treiso.  The heart of the town is focused around the church, the school, the town hall and restaurants.
I'm not sure if they call it the Town Square but here it is. The barrels of red geraniums are in front of the church. The big main building you can see is the elementary school and to the right is a restaurant, Profumo di Vino, the destination for lunch on day four.
Behind the church is this two star Michelin restaurant, named La Ciau del Tornavento. It is located in a smartly renovated building that used to house the town daycare center run by the nuns from the church.
One of the artists set up her easel to capture the scene outside the Lodali Cantina (the winery right here in the town).
The focal point of the town is the Maria Vergine Assunte church, an early country chapel.
Inside there are amazing canvases and statues created in the later 1700's. Frescoes with scenes from the life of the Virgin Mary were created by the Toscano brothers in the late 1800's.
They say the cemetery is always located in the part of town with the best views. That's the cemetery on the right - but with the high walls and that row of trees right behind it you really can't see the view from inside.
Here is one place where the view of the church bell tower can be seen.
Had I been setting up an easel I would have chosen this smartly colored house with  the cornflower blue shutters. All these shutters you see are functional and are kept closed to keep the hot sun out.
I did a lot of walking and found this spot to take a panoramic view of Treiso and the surrounding vineyards.

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  1. It appears you took a bit of a hike up hill to get those panoramic photos of the town and vineyards. I think the frescoes in the church merited some study, and if that artist was focusing on the striped building -- wow that is a wonderful subject!


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