Monday, January 14, 2019

Weathering the Storm by A. Chair

and co-starring, his honorable friend, The Birdbath.

The first snow event for 2019 began on Saturday afternoon and by 9pm or so A. Chair was reporting that there was a decided chill in the air to say nothing of a little of the white stuff.

  Earlier in the afternoon, thinking that it might be time to take care of the winter needs of the backyard birds I had installed the winter version of the birdbath - you know, the one that is heated so the water does not freeze. This is where it was at about 9pm Saturday.

The winter routine is that in the afternoons around 4.30pm or so the deer arrive for the salad course on my neighbor's grass. We have this thing going whereby they know exactly which window I will look out at them and they just stand there for a while and stare back at me before returning to the business at hand of eating. We have a small group living around/near the back yard of about five deer  and all seem to be female.
By Sunday morning A. Chair was beginning to wonder how much he could take. Hang in there, I replied, we ain't done yet.
 Arrangements for the birds were complete - fresh, non frozen water, suet cake, safflower seed in the squirrel-proof feeder (if only the chipmunks will stay away!) and several birdhouses available for shelter. But where ARE the birds?
 The entrance staircase to the deer saladbar restaurant looked quite pretty by Sunday don't you think?
Bernard is disappointed that conditions are too bad for him to go out to play this weekend. Such a shame, he mused, I had so much fun over on instagram in November and December.
 Continuing on with the back and white theme (not! it just looks that way) this is quite the pretty look for the lilac bush. Goodness knows it does not summon up much effort with blooms in the late spring.
 The crepe myrtle looks dramatic against the sky. Honest, this is in full living color!
And the furniture on the back deck is all arranged with such soft pillows of white.
 By 11pm on Sunday A. Chair is beginning to wish the party would be over real soon. His guest has eaten too much and is becoming quite heavy.
Such effort for the birdies but none have arrived for the party. So sad. Other back yards that I have heard from have been visited by a Coopers Hawk, by three doves who come to warm their tail feathers in the warm spa waters and the lineup at the feeders continues all over town...except here..
In closing, A. Chair does want you to see him from his best angle before the lights went out at 11.30pm Sunday.

By Monday morning the snow event is done. Oh sure, the white stuff is still around along with icy conditions. But the sun broke through and by early afternoon the sky was quite blue. A. Chair is going to retire from the small screen for the time being but he does hope you have enjoyed hearing all about his weekend. How was your experience with the first snow of 2019?