Friday, November 10, 2017

Meanwhile, back in reality

 It has been a very hectic several weeks since getting back from Michigan in August but finally, things are beginning to slow down to a more reasonable pace. Yay, I can think of my blog again.

Tonight we are going to have the first killing frost of the season so I thought I might record some before shots. The day has been very windy and downright cool. Now, at 10pm the temperature has already drifted down to 28 F.

But as the sun was going down the wind had calmed somewhat and the jets heading to the airport were leaving their mark in the skies.

 Out on the back deck the light was almost gone from my Fall tableau.
 The kousa dogwood has just started to change color in the last couple of days.  With the very dry weather we have had this Fall it has not made for much in the way of a seasonal spectacular.
 Last Saturday morning we had a very quick morning treat as the sun came up giving us this very ethereal sky.
 The sun begins to light up the woods out back. The dogwood has put on it's best effort and it contrasts well with the maples.
To close, another shot of daybreak last Saturday. No time to focus or the birds will be gone. A point and shoot moment.