Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We have dust...

Today saw the arrival of the sheets of drywall. It made for some entertainment for Rolo to watch from the front window as they unloaded the sheets and stacked them right there by the curb on what used to be the best lawn in the neighborhood.
Pat got busy right away with cutting and installing the drywall. The photo above shows the joint of the beam in the elevator shaft between the ground and first floor. That beam and bolted joint make for a very rigid and sound structure. Even the county inspector is amazed but our contractor told him that he did want his clients to get in the elevator and have a smooth and safe ride every time and be glad that they had chosen him as their contractor.
Here we are in what is the Family Room although it is a bit difficult to tell right now! On the right is the framed opening for the elevator door and adjacent to that is where the new cabinets for the "entertainment center" will go. Yesterday we had a lot of discussion about the placement of the various power outlets and light switches.
Remember that photo way back of the "old" sewing room? Well, this is what it currently looks like. Casey is standing in what will be my quilting/fabric storage closet. I'm not sure why we have a curvy photo!

This morning the County Inspector came by to do the electrical, insulation and framing inspections. All passed inspection and so Pat was able to call for the drywall delivery.

And I do know that in another few days I will have to call my posting "lots more dust" once they do the drywall taping and spackle.

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  1. Instead of gargoyles, you get a curvy house! (actually I suspect that's a door frame or something in the flash that is creating what looks like a curve)


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