Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pretty darn cold around here.

Weather has been a factor in progress this week. Today was really very cold and altho the bricklayers showed up and were on site for a couple of hours they then disappeared.
But I'm posting a shot of what they did on Wednesday. The brick does need to properly dry out to show it's real color.
This morning they tried to create a "tent" around the shaft. They got the scaffold arranged with tarpaulins closing it in and had the brick stacked ready to lay with the outdoor heaters ready to roar into action. But the temperature was still doggedly sticking at about 20 F (more than minus 5 for you C people) so I think they gave up for the day.

On Wednesday we had the framing inspection done which meant that insulation, plywood and other outside stuff can be completed. I've been told to expect "break through" on the first and second floors to begin on Monday.

So I have my work cut out for me to finish clearing out the spaces where they need to break thru.

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  1. mixing mortar at freezing temperatures just doesn't work very well. They did some repair work to our chimney after the fireplace correction was made, it was about a 5 minute job, so they could mix it and get it done before the batch froze. And now we'll need a picture from up the road of the outside of the house with this new campground they've created.


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