Monday, February 9, 2009

It's all about bricks today

After the very cold weather of last week we are now having much more "worker friendly" days. The bricklayers celebrated by coming to work on Saturday. The photo above was taken around 10:30am today when I was hoping to get a good action shot but it did not quite work out that way.
Now here we are at 4:00pm when they have quit for the day already.
This shot shows you a couple of things: the progress made today and how the appearance changes once the bricks and mortar dry out. After all the brickwork is complete it gets an acid wash which takes off further debris. Those bricks that show pale in these photos are our reused bricks and "should" look the same as the existing wall to the left. But they appear quite pale - I'm thinking because of the dust created when they were being cleaned of all the old mortar.

I did not have the camera at the ready when I looked out at one stage and saw the brickie with what looked like a big pastry/frosting bag and he was squirting mortar into the joint between the old and the new - it would have been a fun photoshot!

Inside we had the electrician show up today to start pulling wires - the electrical board is at the east end of the house but power is needed at the west end.

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