Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wednesday Winter White 20

Here I am trying to get back on my schedule: winter white on Wednesdays in winter.

Can you take some sequence shots?

Listen, do you want to know a secret...

Do you promise not to tell?

You don't say! But I heard that...

Well, really, now look what's happening!

And then on another day, same tree and again, photos taken within a span of about seven minutes:

dark cloud rising

getting more dense

what will it turn out to be?

Huh? (I promise you, this is the sequential order..)

Followed by this. But oddly, no rain or other bad things fell from the sky. A seven minute wonder last Saturday.

For more sedate winter white let us look at one of my African violets.

For years I dismissed these plants as being too fussy for me. But three or so years back number two son arrived home from a visit to Grandma with the first of this sequence of violets. And yes, I got hooked on the darn things. Currently I have seven different pots although these two photos are of the same plant. They amaze me in how they seemingly bloom year round.

Around here the weathermen have us all stirred up by forecasting a major winter snow storm. I stopped in at the store to stock up on necessitities like some pretty flowers; my first bunch of tulips for the season.  At the flower counter the employee confided that she doubted shoppers would be looking to buy flowers come Friday or Saturday (if they can get out to the store that is) so all the flowers have been specially priced.

Later in the day, in a head slapping moment I asked myself why I hadn't bought flowers for the color I intend to feature on Sunday. So when I found myself back up in the village mid-afternoon for a short notice meeting I decided to pop back into the store to get more flowers for Sunday. H'mm, I put one item in my basket and headed for the floral department passing by the lines waiting at the checkouts. One look convinced me that there were likely better things to do than stand in line behind the shoppers with their trolleys overflowing while I held a packet of bacon and a bunch of flowers. The items were replaced and I left the store.

And for now, yes, I think I'll have a bourbon ball and call it a night.

They do say we might get a first hand look at winter white in the next few days. You'll have to wait until next Wednesday to see how that turns out.


  1. I'll be heading to the store after our driveway's ice from yesterday is gone so I can stock up on a few things before this storm hits myself. How sweet that those birds posed for you! and your still life photos in this group are all beautiful. You reminded me of my Grandmother with her violets, but I don't think she had white ones. Perhaps they hadn't been developed yet. They are fussy - she clearly didn't mind fussing with them.

  2. So glad I found my way to your blog again! Wonderful snow images. Especially love the lighting of the plants by the winder. Love coming to visit.


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