Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Color Orange in Winter

Orange; it's not just for Fall!

In between shoveling I have entertained myself by creating orange images to brighten up my spirits - ooh, lost opportunity there as I think of the bottle of Drambuie (or is it Peach Schnapps?) sitting quietly in the back of the cupboard, that could have been a great prop. Oh well. Hopefully there is enough variety here to please from sunrise to sunset.

The idea to feature orange was perhaps ignited on the morning of January 12 when I stepped outside to pick up the newspaper...and dashed back inside to grab the camera. The sun was making its opening statement for the day and lighting up the neighborhood.

Fast forward to Friday January 22, day 1 of winter storm Jonas. My snow clearing crew were gung ho on that day and every two hours one of them was outside clearing snow. Judging by the expression on this face at around 9pm it was not fun. But, hey, an orange handle.

By Saturday the blizzard conditions had set in. Number 2 son had been outside for a couple of hours and was hungry it seems. He came in to take a break and decided to make lunch...spaghetti and shrimp. Yum!

My favorite birdhouse, while fitting the color scheme, is falling apart. But here it is to enjoy for now. This one was taken this morning as the sun was starting to slant through the trees.

Eat one daily throughout the winter for good health. I always have a box of clementines around at this time of year and had been planning a variety of photos with them. But, reality set in and a basic shot was all there was time for. The clementine was tasty though.

Having finally got the "Threaded With Green" quilt exhibit up I am casting about for a new project in the sewing room. Perhaps it could be an orange themed one?

Today was day three of Storm Jonas. Thankfully, the snow had stopped by 11.30pm yesterday and we had a sunny day today. It was all hands on the shovels to be sure we could get the cars out of the garage and down the driveway if we needed them. All that shoveling made a fellow warm!

Here was the umpteenth trip down our street for the VDOT contractor charged with keeping our road passable. As you can see, white truck to blend with the snow and safety orange to feature in today's blog post. Couldn't be better!

Once the shoveling was considered done for the day I let myself play with my camera for an hour or so. Remember the flowers that I wanted to buy the day the panic buying was in full action at the store? I went back the next day because I knew I wanted some orange roses to use for my photos.

The store has decided to begin selling what, if I recall correctly, they are calling garden roses. They come with much more of a sweet aroma than the usual ones and have more of a cottage rose look to them.

And, finally, as mentioned above, orange from sunrise to sunset.

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  1. The orange of your pictures is cheerful and pretty - but I think the best photo is the Portrait of Son with Snow in Beard. His Mona Lisa sort of smile, and shovels in hand with the white streaking in the background -- these tell the story of the task that never ends.


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