Thursday, January 7, 2016

Introducing My Colorful Winter

A day late, a dollar short. This is no way to start a new year!

As  mentioned on December 30 I am back with a new theme in January. Here's the concept: use color to get through the winter days, be they grey, cold, snowy or just plain boring.  My thinking is to post midweek using "winter white" as my focus (huh, you're saying, where's the color in that? Just hang with me, okay?I'm allowing for us to actually have winter weather that might be worth photographing) and, at the end of each weekend, post something focused on a single color, different each week. And, using "artistic license" I can also go "off color" if I have something I really can't wait to share.

So let us begin with the suggested "winter white" post.

Wednesday January 6 we woke up to a really cold morning with a stiff frost and then these little gems - I spent a fascinating, but short, time examining them on the railing of the deck before hurrying back inside to thaw out again. The overnight low was 9F/minus 13C so a wake-up call that it is winter after all despite the mild December we have had.  I enjoyed playing the "what shapes do you see? game" - can you find the palm tree to evoke warmer climes?

On the top railing it was more decidedly ice. But fascinating shapes also.

Here I spy a horse trotting along. What do you see?

The River Birch has great bark that shows to advantage once the leaves are gone from the tree. But I'm also wondering if some trimming is needed here?

More birch bark.

See how the ice clings to the edge. I guess it didn't want to fall off to a colder surface.

This shape was my favorite. I see someone running with their scarf trailing out along behind them as the move quickly through the cold air.

Although everything I have shown you today is from nature I do not intend to restrict my topics to outdoor nature shots. Some days might dictate an indoor "still life" approach or I might get really brave and include colorful people or something else entirely. But it is all about color and a way of challenging me to get more experience behind the camera lens.

Finally, I'm going to close with my allowed "off topic" color - the sunset on the first day of the year. I liked how the distant trees appeared rimmed in gold. It was a very colorful winter scene.


  1. A great start to this new theme - I did appreciate the warm pinks and purples and oranges of your sunset as those colors helped to offset the cold feeling I was starting to get from your ice crystals, and that birch bark set against that brilliant cold blue sky.

    1. Thanks Cheryl. Glad you liked them even if you did have a momentary shiver.

  2. Great photos! Your sunset reminds me of my sunset painting at Katies now.

    1. Thanks Gail, your paintings are gorgeous and it is good to know my photos might be compared!

  3. Great idea to challenge yourself with a color theme this month! Love your macro shots of the snowflakes. The only snow we had was about 2 hrs of snow showers that melted the minute they hit the ground! That sunset image is breathtaking! We live in a beautiful world. Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Carol. I have yet to even see snow showers this winter. These came down overnight and were an enchanting surprise when I stepped outside in the morning.


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