Monday, May 19, 2014

This Morning in my Spring Garden

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I have missed the daffodil season, the cherry blossoms and the dogwoods. Things have conspired against me; first it was the weather and then it was getting a new camera and trying to learn the new technology to get photos out of the camera and on to the blog.

Instead of trying to play catch-up let me see if I can just plunge right into today. This morning I walked outside as the sun was illuminating the garden to try and capture some images for this blog.

The morning sun comes through the trees and highlights some of the features I have for the birds in my garden.
 The birdhouse to the right is looking very much the worse for wear but birds are still interested in it so I need to leave it alone for the season. To the left is a very large viburnum that I think has to be either severely pruned or taken out all together as it has way outgrown the location. But for now it has just passed the peak of bloom and is casting confetti all around.
 The iris out front are in full bloom.
 And the new clematis I planted in front of the dining room bay window about this time last year survived the winter well and is just starting into bloom.
I found this white birdhouse in Lancaster County at a small business run by an Amish man who builds such things. I like the looks of it but it remains to be seen if the birds also like it. The first day after we installed it I noticed very frequent visits by a couple of birds but not so much since. We'll see what happens.


  1. Pretty blossoms! I don't know, but that new birdhouse is very posh. It could be the birds thought it was being reserved for a very wealthy bird who would be more powerful than they.

  2. I like the iris photo - absolutely stunning colour.


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