Monday, May 26, 2014

Clematis on Memorial Day

 This is a gloriously sunny day, Memorial Day 2014, as we pause to remember all those who have served to protect this country. Because of their service we are free to fly where we want so I felt lucky to be out photographing my flag this morning as a jet full of people flew overhead.
 Right now is prime time in my garden for my clematis collection. This one was newly planted a year ago and is simply outstanding this week.
 Starring in my front garden right now.
It is also time to set up the hummer cafe.  I hung this last Tuesday and later that afternoon a hummingbird was seen in the backyard. I have since seen the one lone advance hummer but not when I have the camera with me. I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities as the season progresses.
This clematis (above) is in a difficult place to both see and photograph. It is on the top of a garden arch and not readily seen from ground level. Leaning out the study window does not make it easy to focus but you can at least get a glimpse of it.
Peonies are on the "hopefully safe from deer" list but I did not plant any for many years. This is the second year for this one which is just now coming into bloom.
 This clematis is an old one planted around 2001. That lower bloom is very large - maybe 7" diameter. I'm surprised the plant is still blooming as when it was first planted it got a lot more sunlight than it does now that trees nearby have matured.
I couldn't resist just one more shot of this beauty.

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  1. Those clematis photos would have been suitable to go in your Grandmother's Choice quilt I think. The flowers make for a very nice photo essay on this Memorial Day.


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