Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Still Looking

for Spring.

 We're waiting to see a more springlike view than this.
 The suet feeder is in hot demand; sometimes it looks as though they are using a number system while they wait because as soon as one bird flies off another takes it's place right away. And if they can't get a spot at the suet they go look on the ground underneath.
I bought a brand new camera with lots more bells and whistles than I'm used to using. So I have to practice and practice and practice. This morning I was trying to take photos out of an open window and it was cold so I kept adding layers of clothes. How funny is that top layer! In reality I should be using two hands for the camera but it blocked the logo on my top layer and it was so suited to the weather today that I put my left arm down so you could see.

The poor osprey looked very cold and miserable on their platform today as they wondered if they flew north too early.

But I'll keep looking and hoping that any day now spring really will appear.

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