Monday, March 17, 2014

Where's the Green?

It is just as well I didn't invite St Patrick over this morning to chase the snakes out of my garden as they would have been pretty difficult to find.
 This was what I saw looking out the upstairs landing window this morning.
 Last night we were expecting a quartet of fraternity brothers in off the road from their springbreak roadtrip. I guess they got a little held up because of weather as it was quite late by the time they arrived. They come from Atlanta - what can you guess about their experience for dealing with snow?
They got an opportunity to find out about clearing snow off the car before driving away.
 Hard to believe that this cherry tree usually is covered in blossoms by the first week in April  when I measured 8" of snow today, only two weeks before April.
 Guess I'll find my green on the plate at dinner tonight when I serve green vegetables with the traditional corn beef.

Happy St Patrick's Day!


  1. Eeek or wowser - I might experience snow seeing it's only 3 weeks until I arrive ??? Cathy

  2. Is that Lucky-Charm fabric you have placed over the railing in your last picture a quilt backing by any chance? We've had none of the fun of snow here - just dull and gray for the last two days.


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