Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yes, it missed us again!

Oh thank you weather gods, you let another potential bad winter storm pass us by. To the south, Atlanta, where Geoff lived for four years, is still trying to dig out. To the north, well, I have not had any real news but I heard they were going to get socked again. But, yippee, we missed out on most of it. There was not even enough of the white stuff to make it worth my measuring it - certainly less than 2".

So I was bold enough this morning to don my snow clearing gear and get outside knowing it was not really going to tax me all that much. I was more interested in what I could do with my camera than what I could do with the snow shovel.

So, January in my garden. Above you can see the row of Korean boxwood I had planted in early October. The wind has been so unrelenting since I returned from New Zealand that I had to erect this less than beautiful wind break in the hopes of helping my new shrubs make it through the winter.

I like to leave up the seed heads on the Echinacea (coneflower) and the Black Eyed Susans to give the birds something to snack on during the winter months.

Out the back, where some areas are left to nature to control, you can see what happens. Since I have been here I have tried hard to nuture the many native holly trees that are in the treed area. Some are visible in this shot. In the foreground, you can see where I have tipped the birdbath sideways for the winter. Yes, I should have cleaned it and brought it indoors but my garden shed (aka bay 3 in the garage) is full enough. That bird condo has twiggy bits sticking out of most every doorway so I hope that sometimes some birds are able to take shelter in there.

I liked this image of the turtle family plodding uphill through the snow while mother turtle turns and faces them as if to say "come on you my day we walked five miles uphill in the snow to school every day!"

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  1. I think that birdhouse would make a great subject for a quilt some day....


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