Monday, January 10, 2011

A cutie

Or, as his Daddy prefers, manly and handsome!

What do you think?

By the way, is he my great-nephew or my grand-nephew? He is one or the other.


  1. I do believe if he qualifies as one, he is also the other. In my family we sometimes witnessed arguments over 2nd cousins vs 1st cousin/once removed and it seems there's no real answer - they may be the same - or maybe they aren't. It depended on the publication date of the dictionary, and the Senior member at our house leaned on the OLDEST one for the answer.

  2. Oh, and yes, the baby in question, whatever his title, is definitely Cute.

  3. Well - how lovely! My little ratbag made your blog! Now you know I have visited! Amazed by the wintery pics, a tad different here - we are buckling down for a cyclone to hit us... prob be much a do about nothing. Heavy rain and big wind forecast so the cats have been summonsed inside and the outside pot plants are sheltering behind the BBQ. It just me and Coop holding the fort as Jarrod is off on a weekend excursion with his mate and their cars to a car show. Wx


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