Monday, December 22, 2008

True Confessions

It's only because I have already gone beyond a certain age, plus the encouragement of my muscle man, that I am even going to publish the next photos.

But you have to know why I get so little sewing done lately.

The completion of the building project will mean that the new elevator opens directly into the room on the second floor (for non-American readers, the first floor) which I have up until now called my sewing room. I could not see how this would be a happy solution so the decision was made to relocate my sewing room.

I'm going to be brave (or stupid) and show you the before photos: the view of my old sewing room as of December 20, and the empty room that will become my new sewing room.

Now by publishing this I am held to account and absolutely must follow through and clean up my act or be held to ridicule. This might also mean that I can begin sewing again.

And here's the "virgin" room (Ha! ha!)

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  1. moving from one space to another is always the best way to declutter - good thing you finally got this project underway so you can free your space and your creative powers.


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