Friday, December 19, 2008

Is this progress?

And on the fourth day they laid block.
And on the fifth it rained all day and no-one showed up to work at all.


  1. I guess the next picture of this scene might include snow?

  2. Hey cool! I can't sign on as a follower though because it comes up in Arabic so I don't know what to put in what box. I can see and read and comment though so that is good!!

    Have fun! Rhonda

  3. We are hoping for a mild winter with no snow...

    Now, I'm not sure what signing up as a follower does for you (Geoff thinks that perhaps it emails you when the blog has been updated) but since you can read and comment anyway, so what. Also, yes, because of your location, your computer will want to talk Arabic.

  4. I only took an hour to set up my follower account.
    Computer geek...not
    This is a great way to see the home improvements!!Like the pic? I am on my way to a Qretreat. Shirt says "Real Woman Quilt". Pink is for patchwork.
    Nice bricks Dorry!


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