Thursday, March 5, 2015

Symptoms of Cabin Fever

The past few weeks of this winter have severely tested my creativity in finding some new way to photograph yet. more. snow! Yes, it might be March 5 but today there was another chapter in the continuing saga of snow events in 2015.

Humor me, the cabin fever is reaching epidemic proportions.

 For today I was trying to see if I could take photos that showed the snow falling rather than it looking like a white mist.
 The plows came often once the storm got underway around 8.30am.
 Yesterday I took a moment to re-install my home made snow measuring equipment. This was the late morning measure.
 On Saturday three new suet cakes were purchased with the thought they would take us through the balance of winter or at least a couple of months. Today, Thursday, the birds are well into the third and last cake. I suspect by the end of the day it was totally gone. This was a very popular stop-off location in our backyard today.
 The dog has decided this is as far as he needs to go. A quick circuit and then back inside. No pristine snow images for the photographer.
 Out on the main road traffic continued despite the pleas from the road clearing crews and the police to please stay off the roads as driving was becoming very hazardous. Yes, the trees look magical but admire them from the safety of home and not the car window.
 Plenty of vacancies at the outdoor cafe today.
 By around 5pm or so the main snow storm seemed to be at an end. Looks like we had about 6.5" (or about 16.6cm if you are used to measuring your snow that way!).

With record low temperatures predicted for overnight (potentially going to 3F or about minus 19C) it will be an icy and dangerous mess tomorrow morning.  My snow removal crew adopted the plan of frequent clearing - the driveway was shoveled at least three times. But with a heavy wet snow that was a wise decision.

I'm looking forward to cherry blossom season; we've had more than enough snow and cold temperatures this winter.

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  1. What do the green tapes represent on your snow-scale? I like the mental image of sipping hot cocoa at your Outdoor Cafe - except I'd want to brush the snow off the seats first! It's looking like Spring here today in the southern mountains - you'll see it soon too!!


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