Saturday, February 21, 2015

Some more S words

Last time I was regaling you with images of sunny seaside scenes. This week has been an entirely different story: sub zero temperature, snow, sleet, slip, slide, snowplows, shovel, shadows and sunset.

 Sun - the sun was beginning to shine and caught the front of the shrub on the right and the roof of the bird house.
 Shadows - cast long in the trees.
 How much snow? I had crafted my own measuring system last year but only just remembered in time to get it out this week. The first snow was on Monday night into Tuesday and we had about 5".
 Heading South - That's it Sam, the kids and I are all packed and ready to head south to a warmer zone.
I'm staying snug thanks, how about you?
 But in the summer, this will look entirely different.
 Staying tethered?  I was intrigued by this reflection across the snow which seemed to tether the utility box to my neighbors house.
 Saturday's snowstorm was a daytime one and gave us almost 8" of the white stuff.
 Spring blossoms are due on the dogwood in a few more weeks.
 Snow on the north-east elevation.
 Snowy conversations.
Snow removal.
 Snow dog.
Sunset to finish - but here I cheated because this one is from a couple of weeks back.

Okay, the S fun is done. I'm ready for it to resume normal conditions.

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  1. We had some snow but not what was forecast - we got ice instead, which, in the mountains, is not a nice alternative. We are weary of the sub-freezing temperatures by now. Gotta hand it to him, the Ground Hog was right. Your photos say that you were brave to be out with your camera - I especially like the one of the Snow Dog in action!


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