Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Easter Bunny Cometh

and other assorted seasonal trivia.

 Yes, indeed, the bunny did show up in time for Easter. Look carefully now.

 With the very cool temperatures we have been having the blooms on the plum tree have been looking good for longer than usual.
 We are always slow to eat the Easter candy in our home so I thought if I made a display I could get extra mileage out of it.
 Outside some of the spring bulbs are flowering. Oddly, for the scilla (bluebells) there are very short stems this year as if the flower buds were saying "oh, I can't wait for you stems and leaves to catch up - I'm ready to bloom now without you!".
Not that you can tell from this photo but the lawn had it's first cut of the season this morning. At 7.45am when the outside temperature was not yet above freezing. Oh well. It's only grass, it will grow back.

And on the second positive note for the day that demonstrates spring is nigh I watched as a very determined chickadee spent the afternoon going in and out of the birdhouse that only ten days ago had snow on the roof. It is indeed a desirable residence.


  1. I this the same rabbit that comes each year?

    Maybe you could tag and release him for future reference!

    Did he meet up with a Groundhog anywhere along the way - this year must be an awfully confusing one for groundhogs?

  2. Agreeing with Kerry, the groundhogs must be spinning around, in and our of their burrows and have lost track of what year it is. This is quite a change from your last post, with that dramatic photo of the yellow blooming daffodils in the snow. And it was only last week!


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