Monday, March 25, 2013

Never mind a white Christmas...

It's a white Easter I'm more worried about!

The recent so-called winter season has been all topsy turvey. December through to February saw us receive very little snow. But March? OMG!

This morning I went outside with my camera around 8.00am. 
 It looks very picturesque doesn't it?
 Remember that "desirable residence" of a couple of posts back? There's even more snow on the roof this time. Fortunately there has not yet been a signed lease! But how long can it be before a potential tenant appreciates the glitz and glamor of this shot of orange in the snowy landscape?  Last week I was excited to see a bluebird flying around this nesting box - I'm guessing it was attracted by the blue paintwork but the hole is too small to allow entry for a blue bird. Further back in the yard is a house specifically intended for bluebirds but I have yet to have success and have a bluebird move in. Maybe I should apply some blue paint to that one!?
 Out in the woods the open air compost heap has already compressed a pleasing amount. And maybe after a lean few years it might be time to try filling this bird feeder again. It is a proven squirrel proof feeder but the chipmunks can empty it in about 24 hours so I have not filled it at all in several years.

The bird condominium was all cleaned out only a week ago ready for the spring season. In the background you can see evidence of how bored the squirrels have been this winter - they have stripped all the bark of that cedar tree and likely carried it on up the trunk to where they have a nest. Of course the squirrels might contend that they were cold rather than bored and the bark has helped stop the drafts in their high rise apartment. From an artistic point of view I like how that one medium brown tree trunk gives some color to the snowy scene.

 And that pretty daffodil photo of a few posts ago?

This feeder did get filled on Saturday for the first time in several years. This afternoon there was a steady stream of small birds flying in for "take-out". I hope it is a long time before the chipmunks find it again.

But yes, with Easter Day just six days away who would have thought we would be having snow?

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