Saturday, January 21, 2012

Look what came in the night

What did come in the night? And did it bring a friend? One came up the grass and the other took a short cut through the garden and emerged out from behind the boxwood. Obviously, it did not come up the front steps and ring the doorbell.

No, sorry, I know there's evidence it walked right past me but, as you'll notice, I had my eyes shut.
What was it looking for on this cold trek?

This forlorn fellow didn't see anything either.

Count the footprints - this series does not add up. And why do they suddenly stop? Where did he go, where did he go?

The holly trees always manage to maintain their dignity in the face of the white stuff that comes in the night.

And if you're looking for summer well you'll have to wait a while. The days of frolicking in the birdbath are suspended for a few months; or weeks if you're the hopeful sort.

Stay warm.

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  1. Hard to get the scale from the photos - and then there's always some melting around tracks. The toes look like this could be (a) raccoon(s)??


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