Friday, January 20, 2012

It's been a while

and I am still waiting for real inspiration to appear and pesent itself as something worth posting about.

But in the meantime, I'm wondering, if I am seeing flocks of bluebirds in my garden can happiness be far away?

A few years ago I put up a bluebird house out in the back garden. Each year I hope that this will be the year a bluebird moves in and I might have a bluebird family in the backyard. So far, that has not happened. For the past couple of years I have seen a flock of bluebirds land on the front lawn for a couple of consecutive days in spring and then I never see them again. But last week I saw a flock swopp in and land in the backyard and feast all over the cedar tree. Several days later, there they were again.

Now this is way too early to qualify as spring. So, will this be the year when the bluebirds do move into my garden? I hope so.

I get a lot of pleasure from watching the bird activity out back and they do seem particularly attracted to this cedar tree.

I'll keep you updated with the bird stories. Of course this is dependent on the birds holding still long enough for me to find my camera, quietly open the window and then take the photo. I can only try...right?


  1. The phrase "blue bird of happiness" must have originated from the happy sight of these richly colored birds! The bare, winter branches make these a treat for the eyes. I certainly hope they take full advantage of the home you have provided for them.

  2. The photo is pretty darn good - especially given the conditions under which you were taking and assuming you didn't have a tripod set up and waiting for the appearance of these two! Is the birdhouse near this cedar tree?


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