Sunday, October 16, 2011

A pretty fall day

is a perfect reason to go out and about and enjoy the display that Mother nature has created. The day coincided with a two day studio tour of our local group of artists. I went to visit some of the studios and came home with some very special cards and a giclee print from one of my favorite artists in this group. This was the roadside display to alert passers by to the Atelier where several artists have their studios. I walked by yesterday afternoon with the dog and the parking lot was full. Today I was there twice and the place was humming with visitors so I am sure the artists here will be very tired by the end of the day but also very happy with the number of visitors who came to meet and mingle with them and to enjoy the art they create.

The next venue I visited was our local library where several more artists were set up. As I came back to my car I noticed that nature had her own special show going on. The sky was a gorgeous shade of blue and there were several jet trails across the blue making for a spectacular view when contrasted with the fall colors of the trees below. Of course I did not have my camera with me but I was inspired enough to make a quick trip back home to pick up the camera. Once back in the parking lot I had to try and figure out how to avoid the intrusion of vehicles on my fall scene and of course by now the jet trails had changed. But, above, is my resulting shot - it does not nearly capture the glorious shades that the trees currently wear but I am inspired to keep trying because of my association with the artists group.

As I turned into my own street I noticed this tree looking pretty darn gorgeous.

And the I turned into my own driveway and saw this combination of the blues of the summer ageratum contrasting with the silvery lavender bush and the orange of the chrysanthemums.

This is what I could have been doing had I stayed home all afternoon - doing fall yard work. I spent a hour raking leaves in this area. They all had to be raked up and put in the compost heap.

Here is what happens to the compost the next year. I added a few trowels worth of compost ot this pot when I put the petunias in at the beginning of summer. Two pots sprouted some interesting plants - I pulled them out of one pot but my curiosity allowed me to leave the renegades in this pot. And look what they turned out to be. Some sort of pepper plant. If anyone can identify this pepper please do leave me a comment!

Here we have another planting that owes much to the compost heap. The blue petunias were planted but the blue ageratum and the pink petunias along with some of the pink impatiens in the background are all a happy surprise courtesy of the compost heap.

Obviously, my compost heap is not working quite as well as it should - the heap should build up enough heat to discourage seeds from growing. But I enjoy such happy surprises in my garden.

I hope you enjoyed my pretty fall day.


  1. You had a wonderfully full day! I wish leaves would fall in a nice line (like the one you have created). The pepper plant is a big surprise. I have seen a white pepper in gourmet shops. There is a shop here named "Leo's" and they have exotic peppers etc. I will have a look next time I go and see if I can spy anything that resembles your new veggie.
    Spring has sprung today with wonderful sunshine and a mild temperature. I transplanted ALL my roses to the sunny front garden. If the current buds all bloom it will be spectacular (or the possums will have a delightful treat).
    I am encouraged to create a spot just for the compost and see what comes up!!

  2. It seems your compost heap is a buried treasure! Lovely photos altogether.


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