Sunday, October 30, 2011

First came the Friday cleanup

We have had an interesting progression of weather these past three days so I thought I would share some images with you.

Friday I had intended to go to a quilt bee but when the day dawned clear and sunny and I saw just how many leaves were littering the grass out back I thought I better change my plan and try and clean up some of the leaves so the sun could reach the grass and dry it out just a little. After three hours of raking, scooping and dumping into the compost pile I realized I was not going to get to the quilt bee at all. The deer have eaten a lot more than they usually do this year in this part of my garden. It is a pity they don't eat fallen leaves as there was a veritable banquet.

I spied this family heading quick smart towards checkin for a flight south.

This shot is taken in a spot that I often use so I have a record of what it looks like at different times of the year. Watch how these flowers change.

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