Saturday, September 26, 2009

A long, dry spell

Some men in my life have asked why I have not updated my blog. Since the original intention was to show the building project, and that was finally over, I had not really had any incentive to update. However, now that Fall is here and I will be indoors more perhaps it is time to resurrect this blog and just create postings as the mood strikes or the camera captures something worthwhile.

This week we finally had the deck cleaned. The deck is nine years old and had not ever been stained or cleaned. When it was new we liked it in it's natural finish. But nine years of weather and watering pots had taken their toll and it was time for a refurbishment.

Here is a "before" shot of the deck. This was how it looked on August 23. You can see that the wood has greyed and there is staining from where pots have been sitting.And now this is how it looked on September 25 after the cleaning.

I don't want to put anything back on the deck yet because there is meant to be a followup visit by the contractor to apply a semi transparent stain.

And since Fall arrived on this past Tuesday it is likely time to empty out the pots of impatiens that have stopped blooming as well as cut back/pull out the petunias. Neither of these two annuals did very well this summer in terms of blooming.

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