Thursday, June 25, 2009

Landscaping continues

Outside, I'm still beavering away, trying to bring the landscaping back into line and erase the signs of piles of building rubble and more. Above you can see that the planter box is home to some thriving marigolds and blue salvia. The lattice screen fence still awaits staining.
Today we had the landscape team here to work on fixing some longstanding drainage problems along the landscape beds in the rear garden/yard. Additionally, some large boulders were maneuvered into position to hold back the soil and mulch from being washed onto the new patio. Trying to find boulders to buy as been, well, trying! But we did come across some yesterday and have been able to add them to the three that have been there all along. It was not fun heaving those big boulders around as today was very humid and the bugs were out in full force. There is still a vacancy in the front right of the above photo for a fountain!
Rolo of course has to come and inspect what has been done and give everything the sniff test. Surviving plants were dug out and poked in the corner so they can be replanted once we get some more topsoil and mulch tomorrow.
Lastly, here's a photo to show how we have been able to reuse some of the pavers from the old patio. Because the rear yard slopes downhill we have a problem with water runoff. After the very heavy spring rains, mulch is continually washed away from the beds and into the grass. So today the team dry laid the old pavers as an edging along the garden bed in collaboration with laying new drainpipes to carry the downspout water away from the house. Those pavers look so much better laid in a neat line as an edging than they do piled up out in the woods!

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  1. And such a handsome dog that is too! His blackness shows up nicely in the sunlight against all the colors.


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