Thursday, May 14, 2009

the grass is growing

I took this (above) shot this afternoon standing it the same location as I did when taking many of the construction progress photos. There has been a lot of changes during the months.
This afternoon I planted out some more of the marigold plants that I purchased a few days ago. These are not annuals that I buy/plant often but I needed something reliable that I predict/guess will grow in the nasty clay left behind. They also provide bright color in this corner of the yard that can be somewhat shady (but, gee, marigolds need full sun - we'll have to see what happens).
And for a "before" shot...we got the computer moved out of Geoff's bedroom downstairs and into what is meant to be it's permanent resting place. My vision of a pretty and tranquil home office is not yet a reality. Gad, look at all those cords. This is a work in progress that is for sure!

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  1. The marigolds are so perky and sweet - at least for now! Meanwhile, the house looks stately and elegant, and like the entire addition was part of the plan from the very beginning. Well done ColvinKiwi - we know this construction business is not easy on the family involved!


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