Sunday, April 26, 2009

And for those of you wondering

if I ever did get moved into the new sewing room here is a view of the tidiest part. I have stuff to put away in the new closet before I can take the "real" photo.

In the foreground to the left is my new cutting table. It was constructed using two of the units that were previously in the family room but had to be moved to accommodate the elevator. Pat decided to work on this on the Monday that I was leaving for NZ which meant I could not do some final sewing (of my lily top) that I had planned to do and the packing of my sewing items for symposium was very hurried as I grabbed them out of the way while Pat was outside cutting the wood for the top.

But it will be so much better to be able to cut fabric right there in my room and not as I have done for many years and dash downstairs to cut on the kitchen counter. And once I retrieve the iron from exile in the bathroom and put it back on the ironing board things will be much more efficient.

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  1. Welcome home Dorry!! I adore the dogwood (white or pink) as it reminds me of 'home'. The patio is lovely and I can picture you relaxing there listening to the sing birds.
    I don't know if you want to draw attention to the lattice or hide the 'workings'. If you want to hide the 'workings' I would have the lattice blend with the brick work.
    Two important questions...1.Are you going to make rhubarb jam (yum yum)? and..2.What type of birthday cake did you have?


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