Thursday, September 13, 2018

Summer Roadtrip Part III St George Peninsula

On this first morning at the East Wind Inn in Tenants Harbor I thought I was up early but this painter already had quite a lot on his canvas so clearly he was up earlier. It was pretty much low tide.
 Wandering around this was the view of the backside of our Inn (the white building) which was, as promised, located right in the midst of a working harbor.
 The sea is at the center of life in this area. All those lighthouses are there for very serious reasons. Even so, there are still fishermen lost at sea. This was a lovely memorial to them that we found in the grounds of the Marshall Point lighthouse. Do you see the stone cairns in the right background?
 Moving on we headed to the Owls Head Light. As you can see we were not to be blessed with blue sky weather. It was a pretty good climb up steps to this one - this is taken at the halfway point.
 And rounding out our first day on the St George Peninsula we stopped to admire St George fighting the dragon. We did see a number of these rusted sculptures around the area but no plaques telling us of their origin or story.
Next morning we woke to a foggy morning. The Grange buildings are still important in the area. The flower pots, like most in the area, are carefully tended. It was about 7.30 am when I was taking this shot thinking I had plenty of time to roam and find the best angles but a car pulled in and disturbed my tranquility. Later I discovered that it would be the site for a farmers market tent to set up on this day.
 I liked the quiet reflection here.
 The same small inlet.
 And across the road...did I mention it was lowtide in the mornings?
 However, when the tide came in, the boat floated. The fog, as you can see, actually got more dense as the day went on.
Now I have to tell you, this was my favorite lighthouse to photograph. The Marshall Point Light is located at the entrance to Port Clyde Harbor. Movie buffs may recognize it as it appeared briefly in the 1993 movie "Forest Gump". But on this misty midsummer morning the summer wildflowers and the mist gave it a special appeal for me.
 Marshall Point Light.
 Each time I passed this point on the road I admired the setting and the colors. It being a somewhat busy road during the day I took advantage of the early hour and pulled over to dash back and take a quick shot. When the mist was not hanging about that blue roof was a vibrant eye-catcher.
To close I'll leave you in the dead center of town.

To be continued.

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  1. Gosh these photos fall into what I call “chocolate box” category visions. But I spose they are just classic Maine scenery. Looks glorious though why do we hav misty mornings in high summer ? Perhaps it’s seamist


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