Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Out and About in my Mid May Garden and Nearby

While we wait for me to sort through the New Zealand photos here is a quick overview of what nature is showcasing in my garden and in the nearby Potomac River as of yesterday.
 Last week we had a lot of rain and it went on for days and days. Yesterday, with no rain imminent, it seemed like a good chance to go view the Great Falls on the Potomac river. The water was running fast and furious and was very muddy colored.
Here is a similar shot taken on January 16, 2017. Now there had been snow a few days previous to this trip so you might have expected that, being a midwinter shot, there would be a good amount of water in the river. But you will notice there are way more rocks visible than there yesterday.
 In the water yesterday all sorts of debris was being washed along. A small boy near to us at the viewing overlook number 3 was thrilled to spot this ball and kept his eye on it for several minutes as it bobbed along with the fallen tree trunks and more.
 Arriving back home and coming up the driveway I thought the kousa dogwood was at about peak bloom. This is one of it's more spectacular bloom years.
 A closer view of the dogwood.
 Out back the peonies are coming out. They took a real beating in the rain and the hasty emergency tying up to try and protect them meant they are leaning in all sorts of weird directions. But I love the pretty pastel pink of this one. My plan for the back garden is for it to be a pastel white, pink and blue theme and this bloom epitomizes the pink I aim for.
 Down on the shady rear patio I can see it is well time for a good power washing of the brick. Before that happens however I can marvel at the heuchera (coral bells) that take root there and seem to stay unnoticed by the browsing deer.
 In the front garden it is the week of the iris.
 Here's a pretty one.
 The lacecap hydrangea has plenty of buds on it and I am pretty sure we won't be getting any more frosts this season. Now if I can just keep the deer away it might be a good season for hydrangea blooms.
 When I was outside yesterday I thought this peony was just one day away from peak bloom. Today, it would have been nice to have some sun to coax out the full beauty but instead, yes, more rain.
Another shot of Great Falls on January 16 last year...
And the same aspect yesterday.

The downside of all this rain means the weeds are getting out of control in the garden because I cannot get out there to pull them. The upside is that I should, surely, have more time to go through my New Zealand photos and get them ready for posting here.

We did have a lot of rain during our time in New Zealand also. Seems to be a theme for now!

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  1. So jealous of the peonies which I can’t grow cos not cold enough. Rain followed you home did it ??


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