Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Into November

Hooray, October is done. It has been w a y  too hectic. But when things were getting too ridiculously tense I would take a timeout with my camera. Want to see what I captured?

 Three little pumpkins in a row.
The first light frost of the season showed up on October 26. I didn't realize it was a potential until looking at the weather website at 11pm the night before. Yikes! I grabbed the flashlight and the colander (and the 6' 2" helper) and went outside to try and strip cherry tomatoes from the vines. The next morning I took them back outside to see how they looked in that first burst of freeze.
Once back inside and getting on with the day's activities I suddenly noticed the amazing billowing effect out on the deck caused by the hot air from the dryer vent meeting the chilly morning air.
This has not been a great overall season for the fall foliage colors (too hot for too long and then too windy) but if you look hard enough there are pockets of beauty to be found.
In a neighbor's garden I saw this fabulous autumnal display and had to rush back home for my camera.
The little pumpkins...again. Last year I found magnificent white ones but this year they were so-so. I was complaining to my technical assistant about how many I had had to pick through looking for ones without brown spots. He, despite not being a photographer, looked and me and said "just use the the spot removal tool". Well, duh. But I didn't succumb to that technique. Here they are, spots and all.
 There are still a few hardy black eyed susan's hanging on in the garden. They might look a little raggedy but the bees are enjoying them despite their appearance.
 We had some really strong winds some days and a big branch snapped off one of the maple trees and fell. I was able to harvest some leaves to photograph that I never would have been able to see as they were too high up in the tree.
 Here's the same branch. This one was taken the day I found it and I had to chuckle when I saw the photo because it has this really windblown and scared look to it!
 Generally speaking I am not fond of orange so this year I tried for a white Fall! This shot was taken as the sun was going down and gave a lovely light in the background trees.
Let's end as we began with three little pumpkins in a row.

You might also notice I decided it was time to learn how to use the watermark tool.

Perhaps orange isn't so bad after all. As I look at the collection I am posting an orangey-red turns up in just about every image.


  1. Very pleasant to wake up this morning to your photo essay on mid-fall. Ours is not quite like usual either and we've been experiencing record high temperatures and had to water some of the landscaping the last couple of days. I think I most enjoyed seeing your warm air turn misty in front of the pot of mums as a result - though the photo of the tree and vine caught my eye right away.

  2. Are the wee pumpkins grown purely for decoration ? I love the autumn colours too, especially the maples.


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