Friday, July 1, 2016

Newfoundland Day 9

On this day the best photo ops were again beside the sea when we went to the small fishing harbor/village of Quidi Vidi Harbor.
 A fine paint job on this dory.
A lineup of a variety of fishing stages (using the local vernacular for the family fishing sheds).
The two main drawcards to this village are the fishing and the Quidi Vidi Brewery, a well known local craft brewery.
 Now you might be wondering why my photos seem to keep changing color. They follow the weather which changes constantly. On this day we had rain spots, we had cloudy overcast conditions and we had sun so bright sunglasses and sunhat were needed. And with all these changes so the color of the water changes too.
 Another couple of the fishing stages. Do notice the flags that fly in this village - here we see the pirate flag!
The entrance to the harbor is a very narrow one.
 This stage is flying the old Newfoundland flag.
Initially I was not going to include this photo because it looks  poorly composed. But it epitomizes the strong colors that are frequently used. This  bright blue shed has just had a fresh coat of paint. The fellow on the right was working on painting the trim bright pink but he has taken time out to stop and chat with passersby. The large building in the background is a new one; it's called the Quidi Vidi Plantation and houses the visitor information on the main floor and what is known as the "incubator" on the upper floor. Here artists can rent a small space for up to three years while they try to establish themselves as working artisans.
A memorial to the lost presumably.
And to close, another painted dory albeit one that no longer goes in the water.
Please pardon the words which seem to wander at will all over the page. I have given up trying to corral them.


  1. Seems like another world altogether what with the style of buildings, paint jobs etc. great work behind the camera Dorry. You will have been sad to leave I've no doubt.

  2. The colors are wonderful. With weather that changes by the minute, it's nice to have a camera vs. a paintbrush. Your garden is looking gorgeous, too. Well-behaved in your absence. Love the delphiniums. Also got a kick out of your words running around wily-nily. Technology.

    Welcome home!


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