Monday, March 7, 2016

The Color Blue in Winter

Yes, we've finally arrived at blue!

This past weekend was the three day Groundhog Sale at Lucketts. Yes, Groundhog Day was some weeks back but it's always good to have an excuse to have fun and to have a sale. You might remember I was also at Lucketts on November 6.

Friday morning had begun with snow but you can see the Luckett's ladies were thinking spring for Groundhog Day.

These wacky flowers caught my fancy.

Moving away from Lucketts for a bit, yes, co-incidentally it was a blue shirt and tie on Sunday.

And, oh happy day! Sunday I found the first spring blooms in my garden for this year. The ornamental plum tree started flowering.

There's always time for tea.

Digging into the large vehicle collection I found this one advertising an Italian nougat confection and I just happened to have some Italian nougat to pair it with.

The dog next door was keeping a careful eye on me as I checked for more blossoms today. Dressed for the day, as you can see, with a blue ID tag. How thoughtful.

Getting back to the Lucketts photos - here is the front view of the car making a serious statement about spring flowers.

To close, I know, where's the blue?  But I just could not resist sharing this one showing the driver of the spring car.

It's all a bit of fun really, and where's the harm in that!

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  1. A beautiful series and you're absolutely right, you had to show the Flower Car's driver - how very wonderful they've decorated the car. The deer might have been creepy but the flowers change that completely!


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