Monday, February 29, 2016

The Color Yellow in Winter

Looks like the color train went off the tracks last week doesn't it? The photographer was busy trying to bring another project in on time and could not spare time for distractions you see. But here we are today doing a scavenger hunt through the house to celebrate the color yellow for this week.

Flowers are usually a reliable source of color. However, on Saturday I bought a bunch of daffodils in bud but they failed to open. Sigh. On Thursday I cut several branches of forsythia hoping to force them inside to have yellow blooms but they too failed me. But the tulips? Yes, they are wonderful.

For this week it is a series of still lives. Desk Still Life.

Tea Still Life - an unpretentious one from the kitchen. Just a note about dishwashers and long term use. That teapot and mug were bought as a set but the teapot does not go through the dishwasher and has maintained it's happy yellow hue.

Sewing Room Still Life

Chocolate Still Life.

Pretty Tea Cup and Plate Still Life.

Oriental Still Life.

Still Life from the Closet.  Back story needed here - I was putting away the camera for the day when in walked #2 son from work. Lo and behold, he was wearing a yellow tie so I could not resist. In trying to rustle up something yellow to put in his pocket I opened a closet and found this small lego truck instead. I liked how the blue of the little man picked up on the blue pen in the pocket.

And to close, another photo of those beautiful yellow tulips.

That's it for this week's feature color. For those who may be wondering this is all about my practicing photography and finding bursts of color to get through the long months of winter.

How do you manage winter?

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  1. The collection of trucks seems to have a lot of uses for Yellow and adds quite a bit to your Color Story. I enjoy the American Beech trees throughout the winter, but they are at their best in the closing weeks, looking particularly beautiful on the grayest days - they brighten my soul.


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